Mobile Advisory Services

In this confusing era of mobile, what companies really need is a cohesive, clearly defined mobile strategy to smartly extend into the mobile environment. Mella Media brings to every engagement a unique expertise to craft a strategy that matches the business goals of the company, takes advantages of the realities of the mobile marketplace, and leverages existing assets to maximize ROI. With that vision in place, we work directly with internal executives and teams, as well as best-in-class external partners, to execute the tactics to support it.

With so much discussion and media attention placed on the “shiny objects,” under-informed managers are often rushed to quickly develop mobile assets. The common results are disjointed initiatives, improperly estimated budgets and squandered opportunities. Couple in the multitude of vendors, and different technological platforms and possibilities, it is not surprising that there is more confusion now than ever. Nor is it reasonable to expect companies to become experts on their own in this distinctive area virtually overnight.

The undeniable fact is that with over 330 million U.S. mobile devices (100%+ penetration rate), of which more than 50% are “smart,” the ways consumers interact is changing quickly. And it is on their terms, which is often difficult for many companies to accept. However, it is imperative that companies make decisions to meet the needs of their audience, and not just let the interactions happen around them. To do this effectively, companies need a true understanding of the mobile marketplace and mobile consumer behavior in order to make well informed decisions. Mella Media ensures that clients stay aptly ahead of the market, invest appropriately, and open up new potential revenue opportunities.

By design, Mella Media lives between several areas of the mobile environment in order to bring the most well-rounded and knowledgeable point of view to each client. We call it knowing the true pulse of mobile. Our client groups break down into three primary areas in mobile:

Buyersbrands, agencies, and media companies Sellerstechnology enablers, advertising platforms, developers Investmentcompanies needing to understand potential mobile investments or acquisitions, mobile companies hoping to be sold

While client engagements vary from building out robust mobile programs with multiple, corresponding assets, to planning and intelligently buying mobile media, the commonality with every client is the need to understand the mobile market and be able to act decisively. This is what Mella Media brings. And this is what clients including Publishers Clearing House, IDT Telecom, Madison Square Garden, and B.R. Guest Restaurants, to name a few, benefit from.

The time has passed for companies to just show that they can “do mobile.” Instead, Mella Media enables clients to build solid foundations for today and tomorrow, and proves what mobile can truly yield.