The Quietest Heist of Your Ad Budget [White Paper]

Mobile fraudsters are impressively stealing your ad budget, and you likely don’t even know it. These grifters have evolved their trade faster than prevention capabilities and turned ad tech into their unwitting accomplices. Ad buyers are losing this arms race, and the bigger your budgets, the bigger a target you are. The potential heist, according to Forrester's projections: $20 billion of budgets just this year alone.
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WWD Covers Preen.Me’s Shop Your Instagram feature launch

Consumer-generated beauty website Preen.Me is aiming to mix content and commerce with its new Shop Your Instagram feature. The program is intended to connect the demand for user-generated content and consumer purchasing power, according to Tamar Yaniv, chief executive officer of Preen.Me, which is rolling out the feature with Bumble and bumble this week and…
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