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Best Kept Secret in Mobile

Mobile is the undeniable foundation for this evolution of digital engagement. It is a fundamental truth for modern digital marketing investment, and Mella Media brings elite level mobile expertise to every client.

With unparalleled experience and unending vigilance, Mella Media is your ally to build and market your brand’s shrewdest new app. Or to protect your company from investment-wasting advanced fraud. Or to smartly expand into new potential for brand engagement, such as Alexa. 

A deep understanding of mobile technology, data, and opportunities is critical for development, acquisition and success. Mella Media’s 20+ years entrenched in this world delivers this to clients—and then some.


Fierce Advocates for Brands

Are you tired of wasting your budget on failed mobile initiatives? Do you even know how many empty or fraudulent app installs your agency has proudly provided for you? Do they?  It is not their fault, as traditional agencies have yet to figure out how to make money in mobile, and hence don’t put critical resources in place to solve your problems correctly.

Build campaigns the right way. With Mella Media’s elite expertise and experience of 10,0000+ client campaigns, the era of throwing money down this pit has long been over. Discovering your company’s key data points and putting them to work with best-in-class partners is what sets our clients apart.

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No company can match our reduction in mobile budget waste while opening new revenue and customer interaction opportunities hiding beneath the surface. Further, Mella’s proven techniques of identifying and proactively tamping down ever-expanding fraud delivers dramatic increases to your return on investment. 

Can your company afford not to see what we can achieve together?


Mella Media

Objective Expertise

You know what you know. Unfortunately, that is the extent of what most sellers in the mobile marketplace have. They lack the objectivity in viewing the market as a whole and an in-depth understanding of what competitors' offerings are. Mella Media flips that equation completely for clients.

Technology providers, ad platforms, publishers, crazy subsets of each, the essential key to success is being able to see the entire playing field. Mella Media pushes clients to evolve their sales and marketing strategies and streamline their operations. As importantly, Mella provides a road map of upcoming opportunities and smart messaging to continue to set your company apart.

You can stay in the crowded pack of your industry’s clones until the market drips you dry or forces your next business plan pivot.

Or alternatively, you can bring Mella Media to augment your efforts and create coherent new paths of opportunity and success.


The introduction of the iPhone may have triggered the current evolution of mobile, but Mella Media was a recognized authority well before that. Mella Media brings over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience and expert critical eyes to every Mobile Due Diligence assignment.  Better, we ensure that our clients understand thoroughly the real of what they are investing in or acquiring outright, and what its opportunities are into the future.

Mobile went from the “shiny thing” to a necessity for any digital entity. Expecting even the savviest of investors to discern the many nuances of how this environment works, where the pitfalls lie, and what is fool’s gold is just not realistic. Investors need to be able to understand the essentials and complexities of any potential investment, and that is precisely the counsel that Mella Media delivers.

Mella Media


Mella Media

Frustrated by your weak marketing messages not delivering? You are far from alone. Our competitive Loaded Messaging will reshape how you persuade and convert new customers, regardless of media platform. And that holds true for brands, companies and political campaigns. You can continue with your status quo, or you can win.

Engaging us does not just bring fresh eyes to your campaign. It weaves strategic competition into the DNA of every dollar of advertising, PR and marketing you spend.

Language and expression has never been more important. Stop settling. Let us load up your marketing.