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Modern public relations outreach starts with creative, smart storytelling in an authentic voice. Press releases are a thing of the past. Community brand building with an integrated marketing twist is the way forward. Relationships are the constant.

At Mella Media, we believe that personal relationships combined with a digital-forward, mobile-savvy brand strategy is the most lucrative currency in today’s modern media world.

Our PR and mobile teams work hand in hand to develop thoughtful, personal and specialized programs to best fit your brand’s needs.

PR Services

Mella Media

Traditional PR agencies discuss “media outreach” and “social media” in two separate categories. We believe it is all the same thing. What is needed is brand building, from the inside out.

Mella Media works with clients to:

  • Determine brand goals, across all media platforms
  • Craft messaging
  • Develop earned and paid media strategy
  • Implement plan

Crisis Communications

Mella Media

Brands and companies change. And we know, change is hard.

Often the transition in company size, goals or management impacts morale, causes confusion internally and externally and creates a lack of cohesive messaging.

Our team can help turn the ship around with a series of fast and impactful tactics. Setting in place short- and long-term strategies for bringing the team back together with a shared set of goals is key to lasting success.